tisdag 6 september 2011

Press in Belgium and rotation on radio in France

Hey! It's a beautiful day here in Stockholm. While everybody's enjoying the sun, I'm working at my computer. Inside! But interesting things are happening so I'm happy anyway :-)

I've got this nice review on Rootstime today. Just click on Cd/Dvd Recensies and you'll find "Glass people in the woods".

“Annis Brander presents meaningful songs with a message on her second release ‘Glass People In The Woods’. Her purpose is to make the listeners consider and reflect about the content of her lyrics, which is a noble objective. When the music and her singing are then also pleasant and modern, we really can’t think of any objections for not getting closer to this album.”

Radio I.S.A France has chosen 5 of the songs from my forthcoming album for rotation on their radio station.

Take care! Ciao Annis